Sintillate Talent is a Multi-Award Winning International Influencer Agency which provides influencer marketing opportunities to micro-influencers, through our brand partners whereby we offer influencer marketing strategy consultation and campaign management to small and medium sizes businesses. We connect like-minded influencers, to interact and support eachother in forums, team and awareness campaigns which has helped us secure the multiple awards we have achieved in the UK and USA.

Sintillate Talent’s values are to develop upcoming talent and micro-influencers, grow small to medium size businesses through influencer-marketing and online brand exposure, and to connect teams. We connect teams by managing chat forums, team campaigns, awareness campaigns, team events and encouraging a community network on social media.

Sintillate Talent understands that there are key issues which impact talent and the industry. Our underlying value is to address practices that may bring about poor mental health which include low self-esteem, bullying/trolling and social isolation and support initiatives and new ways of working within the sector that make our talent community more resilient. We address these factors by offering a network of support through open communication, regular charity campaigns and competitions, free live Instagram workout classes and team forums and campaigns to remove feelings of isolation.

Sintillate Talent’s mission is to alter the conventional methods of how Talent Agencies operate to offer a mechanism for to support people break through into the industry and support growth in the UK economy. We do this by removing conventional criteria and focusing our attention on micro-influencers who are often overlooked and matching them with small businesses which makes-up 98% of the UK economy, but often have limited marketing budget and resource.

We do not charge a joining fee, as our purpose is to Develop Talent and do not believe finance should be a barrier to entry.

Yes, we are an International Influencer Agency. We currentely have Talent represention in 18 countries on 6 continents around the globe. 

We are not an exclusive agency, as our service is to support development. We feel non-exclusivity allows talent to be proactive, use initiative and seek opportunities outside of our organisation to develop which is our aim. However, as an Influencer Marketing organisation with brand partnership agreements, it is mandatory we feature on social media bio’s to allow management, brands and talent to identify our team.

In addition, we have ‘Reserved Client’ partnership agreements with all of our brand partners, to allow equal opportunities in applications across the Talent Team. Without a prior relationship to a reserved client, talent must go through our opportunity application processes fairly and equally. 

We do have Terms and Conditions and a Code of Conduct which are sent to all talent when they complete registration. This is to protect the talent, brands and Sintillate Talent against any unfavourable behaviour and to ensure a high level of quality is upheld within our organisation.

You are free to leave our books at any time, but you must make us aware by email so we can remove you from our website. The rate of talent who leave Sintillate Talent is currently only 4% as many of or talent understand we are here to support growth.

Talent could potentially be removed for breaching of Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct. Depending on the seriousness of the breach, legal action could also be taken if necessary.

Yes, we are not an exclusive agency and do not take commission for any work you find on your own.

Our aim is to support Talent development, but do require a small level of ‘influence’ on Instagram. This is minimum of 3k followers, a minimum of 200 likes consistently on content and a public profile (business or creator). It would be ideal if you have previously performed some online collaborations, so you have an understanding of what is required in this line of work.

Please note, we have a high volume of applications at Sintillate Talent, so the above is a minimum criteria to apply, but does not guarentee a successful application.

All applications go through a vetting process. In the initial stages, we review the initial application, Instagram content and engagement, communication style and speed, and review suitable photos. All applicants are later required to take part in a set branding task where they are assessed on creativity, responsiveness, accuracy following brief and posting speed. These are the key skills we ask our brands to rate talent on following each assignment.

To ensure quality across our Talent Team, to provide the strongest talent in various essential skills to our brand partners on assignments. 

We do welcome all applications. However, as our focus is to develop talent, many of our opportunities may be gifted and suitable for those looking to grow. Therefore, we encourage mega-influencers and celebrities to consider whether we are offering opportunities at a suitable level to meet their expectations and the stage they are on their journey before applying.

Our main offer is providing online brand ambassador work. We occasionally offer photo shoots and live productions. However, as our ‘Connect’ value is about bringing likeminded Talent together, we run various team PR events through the year.

All opportunities are advertised within our group chats. The application process will be detailed in the advert where talent are required to apply through an online form. Talent will always be selected by the brand only, Sintillate Talent are the middle-man.

As our focus is to develop talent to a level they can compete and potentially earn income, we connect them to grow small businesses who do not have a large marketing budget. Therefore, many of our online opportunities are through ‘gifted’ collaborations to allow both parties to gain opportunity and exposure in a mutually beneficial way – to grow. Shoots and productions will generally be paid, but the payments vary depending on the brand requirements and assignment structure.

To compensate for not charging a talent joining fee, in order to operate we have a 30% commission of any paid opportunities. However, as many of our opportunities are gift exchanges, the commission structure does not apply.

Unlike traditional agencies, we work on a campaign management basis, rather than individual Talent rates.

As the brand will always select the talent after they are sent who express interest, we are unable to guarantee you will be selected for opportunities. However, we have a very strong conversion rate of opportunities securement with actively applying talent.

All opportunities are offered to everybody within the group chats, and all talent will be given the same conditions and application process. Sintillate Talent works closely with brands to ensure they understand we are developing talent and manage expectations. Therefore, where possible all talent will be put forward regardless of their ‘influence status’ and if the brand is flexible to accommodate lower or no requirements.

As we have established a strong relationship with our client brands, have processes in place, and to ensure equal opportunities, you will not be permitted to contact any reserved clients of Sintillate Talent whilst on our books. The only exception is if you have an existing relationship with the brand before joining.

We understand applying for opportunities in any setting and not having success can be frustrating. It is important when trying to develop to not feel disheartened, as this is a competitive industry which requires resilience and persistence to succeed.

Some things to consider:

  • Are you actively applying for opportunities? More than 2 opportunities per week?
  • Are you only applying for opportunities which may have a lot of competition?
  • Have you considered applying for smaller brands?
  • Is your profile and style suitable for the brands you are applying for?
  • Have you asked an experienced influencer to review it?
  • Have you taken on feedback provided by brands on previous collaborations?
  • Are you applying for your own collabs to boost experience and your portfolio? If so, are you pitching yourself effectively?
  • Are you engaging with like-minded talent to gain tips to boost engagement?

The key is to identify where you could be going wrong, keep positive and try new techniques and approaches.

With social media ever growing and more businesses turning to influencer marketing – the challenge is now not finding influencers or brands, but a pipeline of creative, reliable talent or responsive brands who offer opportunities. Therefore, Sintillate Talent will be adapting to a new business model to help support talent and small businesses more effectively. Therefore, we will be transitioning away from the ‘middleman model’, to a new tech platform. The platform will give direct access for both talent and brands without the need for middleman and a commission structure, and save hours sending emails and messages via social media.