Meet The Team

Sinan 'Sin' Sahin

Talent Director & Founder

Sinan’s career includes over a decade of working within casting, recruiting, motivational speaking, PR, marketing, sport and psychology. Through Sinan’s academic study and clinical background, he focused his research on how media can effect human behaviour, and ultimately influence people in different ways.

A natural-born leader, driven and passionate about utilising the powers of social influence proactively to grow both talent and businesses who form the community, creating a collective voice to initiate positive change on the key factors in society that impact the lives of audiences.


Wellbeing Manager

A passionate advocate for mental health awareness and a qualified mental health first Aider committed to ensuring talent and staff feel cared for and supported. Scott’s strong levels of empathy, guidance and trustworthy character allows Talent to open up about personal circumstances which can impact their assignments and general wellbeing.


Social Media Manager

Kiki is one of our Social Media Managers at Sintillate Talent. Originally a Talent, Kiki joined the management team bringing a vast level of experience in influencer marketing, events, and knowledge of running her own clothing brand and social media marketing company. Her insight of the components needed to maximise exposure, outreach and content creation makes her a brilliant addition to the Social Media team. 

She is also obsessed with everything pink.


Project Manager

Becca is the Project Manager at Sintillate Talent. Originally a Talent at Sintillate Talent, but her enthusiasm, positive attitude surrounding leadings projects, organisational skills and passion for team campaigns opened the door to the PM role. Part of Becca’s role is encouraging and engaging the team with different team activities, campaigns and event coordination. Her career consists of a wide combination of Sales, Marketing and Project Management bringing valuable skills to the team. 

She is also obsessed with her dog.


Administration Manager

Ellie is the Administrations Manager at Sintillate Talent. With nearly two decades of administration, PA and Event Management experience in some key organisations within the UK, Ellie brings fantastic skills of administration and event co-ordination to the Talent Team. Ellie’s roles include talent recruitment, administration and application processing, making her an essential part of the Management Team.


Strategic Partner

A successful entrepenur, close friend and mentor of our CEO. With a brilliant business mind, driven by his passion of providing opportunity, Thomas helped build the foundations and values of Sintillate Talent. Offering advice and guidance of business operations and future strategy, Thomas plays an integral part in what has built the legacy of Talent Team Ltd.


Talent Manager

Marianne O’Reilly is the Talent Manager for Sintillate Talent, a role she started in July 2021. Through her passion of helping people, Marianne manages the talent and assists with ensuring the key messages and values are upheld through interaction and engagement. A superb campaign manager and leader of people. Marianne enjoys to travel and loves the freedom of working internationally.


Talent Recruiter

Aston is the Talent Recruiter at Sintillate Talent. With a scope of sourcing diverse, aspiring and experienced Talent, Aston has a unique eye of identifying Individuals of great potential. Through outreach, networking events and social media, Aston is the doorway of opportunity at Sintillate Talent. Having been with the Management Team from it’s launch, Aston has supported the Agency to build the team recognised for their work around the globe.


Social Media Manager

Olivia is a Social Media Manager at Sintillate Talent. Originally a Talent, Olivia’s creativity and passion for social media was discovered when supporting several behind the scenes shoots at Sintillate Talent. Olivia specialises in video creation and graphic design and harbours great attention to detail. This led her to be offered the SMM role. Olivia’s career as a Marketing Executive which has given me a wide range of skills from managing SEOs to writing blog posts and even data analysis. With this skillset, Olivia manages our video content some of our campaigns, providing creative support to our Talent Team.

She has named her dog Bueno.


Community Manager

Anna is the Community Manager at Sintillate Talent. A compassionate individual committed to helping others feel comfortable to speak within a community group. Anna was originally a talent at Sintillate Talent but her charisma and enthusiastic personality led her to the CM role. Anna’s role is being the voice of talent groups, to encourage talent to interact and find common ground together as a group, to engage by sharing ideas and activities to support the team. This is a key part in meeting the values of connect.

She is also besotted with her 2 children and chihuahua.