Award Winners For:

Best Influencer Marketing Campaign 2022 – National Social Media Awards – London, United Kingdom

Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media 2022 - National Social Media Awards – London, United Kingdom

Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media 2022 - National Social Media Awards -
Los Angeles, USA

Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media 2021 - National Social Media Awards – London, United Kingdom

The National Social Media Awards celebrates and recognises the Brands, Influencers, and entertainer’s that have curated amazing content across all social media platforms with one annual ceremony in Los Angeles. 

Nominating over 100 of the very best social media talent, and recognising the best influencer within 20 different NSMA categories.

Award Winners For:

Best Talent Management Agency 2022 –
Creative Industry Awards – Birmingham, United Kingdom

An awards ceremony celebrating the talent of creative individuals and the successful contribution of creative companies across the UK.

Award Winners For:

Best Talent Management Agency 2023 –
Prestige Awards – London & South East England, United Kingdom

The Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized enterprises consisting of localised businesses and sole traders, excelling in their market.


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